Marc GALABERT MACIÀ, Secretary of State for Economic Diversification and Innovation of the Government of Andorra since July 2019, is also Andorra's Commissioner General for the Dubai World Expo.

He has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Barcelona, and completed his education with a Master's degree in Economic History from the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Zaragoza, and a doctorate from the University of Barcelona and the University Carlos III of Madrid.

Professionally, before becoming Secretary of State, he was a professor of mathematics and economics at the Andorran School and the University of Andorra.

Synopsis of the presentation

New technologies, and especially data processing and analytics (Smart Data) are transforming and increasing the potential to understand tourism dynamics with greater detail and granularity and support both decision-making and the planning of tourism products and strategies. Along these lines, the talk focuses on how Andorra is working on the intelligent use of data in the field of tourism in Andorra.

Presentation: Marc GALABERT MACIÀ