Gerardo Calzada

Statistician specialized in Research and Market Techniques graduated from the University of Valladolid and with a master's degree in Business Intelligence from the School of Industrial Organization of Madrid.

He has worked in the field of data and predictive modelling for more than 20 years, usually in the insurance, banking, logistics and public sectors. Before settling in Andorra, he worked for 8 years at SAS Institute leading analytical projects and for 2 years he is responsible for the Data & Artificial Intelligence team in Andorra Telecom.


Synopsis presentation:

The title of the presentation is “Microsegmentación turística – 7 ejes”

Today, virtually everything we do generates data. In the last three years, more than 90% of existing data has been generated and this phenomenon is accelerating. Data makes some organisations more efficient and for individuals, it makes our daily lives easier by predicting the weather, traffic or the behaviour of our cars, which are now four-wheeled supercomputers generating massive amounts of information. Organisations that manage to use information in the right way are able to increase their efficiency and improve their competitiveness in a changing and aggressive environment. This amount of data makes us dizzy and we are concerned about security and protection issues. Data protection is not a problem but an opportunity to free the use of data from doubt, to set clear boundaries between use and intrusion. Andorra Telecom has taken up the challenge of finding tools to exploit the enormous amount of information we generate today with our smartphones, while keeping data privacy as a priority and improving service to users as a goal.


Presentation: Gerardo Calzada