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Alice Morrison Adventurer/TV Presenter/Author/Speaker

Alice Morrison is an adventurer, TV presenter and author, currently based in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. She is also an established journalist and speaker.

Her big adventures began when she cycled 12,000 km from Cairo to Cape Town on the Tour D’Afriquethe longest bike race on earth, coming 3rd woman.

She then completed a World First and crossed the Atlas mountains from the highest point of North Africa, Mount Toubkal (4167m) to the lowest – Agadir in 12 days.

Back at the BBC, she travelled from Tangier to Timbuktu for her first BBC2 television series, Morocco to Tombuctú: An Arabian Adventure, following the ancient salt routes to the fabled city.

Drawn to the Himalaya, she took on the challenge of running around Everest, in the Everest Trail Race annual ultramarathon - a six day race.

She became the first woman to walk the Draa river, during her crossing from the Mediterranean to Mauritania with 6 camels and 3 Amazigh guides. During the expedition she investigated the effects of climate change on the peoples and environment of Morocco and along the way she discovered a lost city, explored the graves of the giants of the Draa and found ‘spaceships’ in the desert.

She is the author of 4 books:Walking with Nomads, Adventures in Morocco Dodging Elephants i Morocco to Timbuktu. She is a prolific journalist contributing regularly to The Telegraph, FT, National Geographic etc.


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