Helena González Ung

Helena González Ung (born in Asturias in 1993) is the Special Projects & Digital Art Manager of Necsum Trison, a studio specialized in generating experiences through technology. This industrial engineer, with several Masters in art direction, design and Executive MBA, started to design digital experiences after perceiving a global change in society, in its habits and consumption. From a society of consumption of material goods, to a society of acquisition of experiences. “We travel more, we go out more to dinner, to meet with friends, in short, we focus our consumption more on living experiences than on acquiring material goods”. Passionate about digital, she intertwines design, architecture, art and technology as a new paradigm in the generation of digital experiences, placing people at the epicentre of the value chain in all digital concepts designed by Necsum Trison studio.

Synopsis presentation:

The digital, social and economic transformation we have experienced in recent decades has brought about a substantial change in the way we travel. Tourists are no longer tourists, we are explorers of experiences. Technology is one more layer that can be added to any space to turn it into a more experiential destination in which to live memorable moments like never before, increasing the number of visitors, the time they spend in these destinations and their recurrence.

Presentation: Helena González Ung